Turmeric-Lesser known health benefits


Turmeric makes your skin glow

According to Shadoh Punnapuzha,founder of Ayurvedic based skincare line ‘Arya Essentials’ ,if you want a glowing skin,you need to use turmeric regularly.Turmeric which is used as a spice since ages,has powerful antioxidant,antifungal and anti inflammatory¬† properties …….read more

Turmeric-The best skin food

It is a well known fact that turmeric is good for your skin as it fights skin rashes,redness and skin irritations and so it is wise to top up your turmeric levels….read more

Turmeric heals cracked heels

We use our feet extensively in this fast paced lifestyle and due to direct exposure to dirt .Due to the absence of oil glands,your feet become drier leading to cracked heels….read more

How Turmeric protects your skin in winter

If you want to have the much sought after about ‘sun-kissed-glow’ in the winter,turmeric is the answer….read more

Turmeric in face mask

Turmeric as an ingredient in your face mask, helps to brighten your skin.It is also useful in fighting pimples…read more