Cost Affordable Website Design,Development Solutions For Small Business

Welcome to this site that caters to the web development needs of MSME and small business startups  that begin their web journey with low budget.

This is the fast paced digital world where every business is known by their web site and if they don’t have one,they don’t exist.Period.

What we can do for small business

In a nutshell, we can help you in the following fields at affordable cost.

1.Web content creation after your input/due research

2.Simple 5 pages or multi-page website creation

3.Simple Youtube marketing video creation(without voice over)

4.Google my business(GMB) creation

5. Coach you for free as to how to maintain your site created by us

Here we provide low cost web solutions for small business startups in creating a simple 5 page WordPress websites so that they have web presence through their own websites, which is vital for their growth in this digital age.

In fact,you will get exactly a website like this one( and here are some of the sample sites we have created.

What are the web solutions we offer?

This type of simple 5 page web site without any costly bells and whistles, is enough to inform the world about the salient features of your business as to what you do or offer in the form of products or services,which is basic to establish your web presence. This is the first vital step needed, for people to notice your business, paving the way for it’s growth.

The barest minimum number of pages needed for a site is 5 which are, the  Home page (that contains all the relevant information about your product or service),privacy policy page,terms&conditions page,contact us page (where your contact information is displayed) and about us page (which informs the readers about details of yourself or your company).

All content displayed on your site, whether text,photo or image or video should be free of any copyright issues to avoid possible legal action.

As an added benefit to our customers,we create simple but unique Youtube marketing videos of up to one minute duration or less(without voice over) that describe their product or service in brief, which catches the attention of viewers in a way that only videos can achieve.

Another advantage of creating a simple Youtube video for your site,  is that it makes Google index your new site fast due to the back link from Youtube, which is very helpful for ‘search engine optimization’.

Here are some of our simple marketing videos uploaded to Youtube.

Though these videos are simple,they have an impact on the viewers by attracting their attention which in turn might lead to your business growth.

Not only that, we also help you maintain your site after creation, by coaching you for free if you wish , which is easy. In fact,if you know how to operate a smart phone,you can do it.

If you already have a site and need content creation in the form of text or simple video, we can be of help to you too.

We  do hope that we, in our own humble way, play a significant role in helping you achieve your business goals so that you remember us fondly even after growing big as the time goes by.